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The Wonderful World of Salads

            Spring is my favorite time of year.  The weather warms up, the flowers bloom and the farmers’ market opens again.  Two things I do year around are grill out and have salads.  However, the salads just taste different in the spring – more flavorful.  Of course this is probably due to the availability of fresh lettuce!  To me salads are like soups are to some of you – anything goes. 

            I open up the refrigerator and see what I have.  It doesn’t matter if it is a fruit, vegetable or meat.  Sometimes I combine salads, like in yesterday’s post.  Sometimes I grill chicken or fish and put on top of my salad.  Other times I make a more traditional salad, like today.  The salad I made today was almost all from ingredients I got at the farmer’s market on Saturday, including the eggs.  I even made the salad dressing myself.  It is a red wine vinaigrette.  I am new to making my own dressing so I would love to hear any tips or tricks you have.

            What do you put on your salads?  What is your go to ingredient? Any salad dressing you can’t live without?

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