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What to drink instead of soft drinks?

I want to be honest with you right up front  – I will, on occasion, have a soft drink. It is a very rare occasion to be sure, but it happens. I had one the other day to celebrate the end of our formal classroom education before we head out to fieldwork. A colleague and I were chatting about nutrition and the reports that drinking a soda a day could add 15 pounds of weight to a person a year. He asked me what he could substitute besides just water and tea.  He asked about sweet tea.

Those two questions got me to thinking. Sometimes I get tired of plain water too. I often add lemon to my water. I know another colleague that adds cucumbers or strawberries. I drink coconut water and a drink pots and pots of tea – green tea, herbal tea and the like. But sometimes I want something more, and so I thought I would turn to the blogosphere and see what other people drink besides water.

In response to his question about sweet tea, I told him that if he wanted to sweeten his tea to use either local honey or agave. My thinking is that at least these types of sweeteners are possibly a little healthier than plain table sugar and fake sugar. I abhor all fake sugars. It is my personal opinion fake sugars are like poison, but that is from my personal experience. YMMV.

So I am interested in hearing what you have to say. What do you drink besides water? Do you flavor your water? How? I would love to have your comments and tips.

Till next time~