Why effective Amblyopia treatment requires binocular vision rehabilitation

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Recognized as a significant vision problem that affects millions of people worldwide, one of the “hot topics” of  advocacy at the recent 2019 VisionHelp Annual Meeting  was Amblyopia. 

Amblyopia/Lazy eye is a serious neurodevelopmental vision problem that causes vision loss in approximately 2-4% of the population or 1 in 30 people. Neuroscience has shown that Amblyopia occurs when there is a unilateral failure in binocular vision, occurring early in life typically infancy or toddlerhood.

When the binocular system is broken at a young age, a neuroadaptation occurs, known as suppression where the signal from one eye is “shut down” by the brain to counteract the confusion created by the broken binocular system. As a result of this unilateral failure of binocular function a cascade of delayed visual function occurs leading to the following:

  1. Reduced visual acuity (eye sight) in one eye
  2. Reduced, or no stereo acuity (depth perception)
  3. Poor…

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Teaching Kids, and Adults, to Spot Fake News

Should be required reading for all of us!! Great tips.

Climate Denial Crock of the Week

batboyWhen my kids were about 10 years old, I would show them the Weekly World News on the rack at the local Stop-n-Rob – and ask them, “real or fake”?

The point of the question was, that some things in the tabloids are absolutely straight up true, if oddball, news items, even while most ae nonsense. (think BatBoy).

I pointed out that one had to read ‘mainstream” media with an equally critical eye – that comparing and contrasting sources is critical, asking about agendas and motivations.

What would you expect a source with a point of view to report on?
If a “conservative” source like…

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