Teaching Kids, and Adults, to Spot Fake News

Should be required reading for all of us!! Great tips.

Climate Denial Crock of the Week

batboyWhen my kids were about 10 years old, I would show them the Weekly World News on the rack at the local Stop-n-Rob – and ask them, “real or fake”?

The point of the question was, that some things in the tabloids are absolutely straight up true, if oddball, news items, even while most ae nonsense. (think BatBoy).

I pointed out that one had to read ‘mainstream” media with an equally critical eye – that comparing and contrasting sources is critical, asking about agendas and motivations.

What would you expect a source with a point of view to report on?
If a “conservative” source like…

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Rose, White Feminism & Intersectionality


Rose, White Feminism & Intersectionality
(Or some other buzzword that’s hot this month)


Really, Rose? In your righteous fight against men that have sexuallyassaulted women in Hollywood, you wentoverboard by saying being called a woman is comparable to being called the N-word. To double down on your ignorance, instead of apologizing to every Black woman that you offended, youblame your now deleted comments on smoking weed. (Don’t worry, I have screenshots below.)

And THIS is my problem with White feminism and justhow self-serving it is.

You see, we were rooting for you, Rose.

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