How Sugar-Strict Should You Be?

Great read. It’s all about baby steps!

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I recently had a conversation with a colleague about her ‘crazy’ sister-in-law who won’t let her kids (or the visiting kids) have a soda.  My colleague thought this was a little over the top and that there was nothing wrong with having a soda now and then.  While I confess that I have on occasion let my son have a soda, usually at a birthday party or other celebration hosted by others, I did have an answer for her and came to the defense of the unseen crazy sister-in-law (takes one to know one, right?).

The Sister-in-law’s defense your honor is a matter of the bar.  Not the legal bar exam to become a lawyer, but the bar which is a standard or expectation to which we, or the foods we put in our mouths, all must rise.  When someone raises the bar then they are increasing the expectations.



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Celebrating Derby and Supporting a Little Bit of Local History

I love Derby! It was my favorite time of year – the parties, the horses, the Mint Juleps, the hats!! The hats were my favorite part. Every year I got a new hat and maybe a new outfit to go with the hat. I love hats!!!

However, a few years ago things changed as they do and I stopped celebrating. This year I took back control and when a friend posted about a Thunder Over Louisville event to kick off the Derby season I immediately signed up!! The fact the event benefited a local historical property peaked my interest also. I even wrangled some of my family members to join me.

I’m not sure how long the Thomas Edison House  has held these Thunder parties, but we had a very good time. There was food, good conversation, a plane show and, of course, the BEST fireworks show ever! I also enjoyed catching up with a friendThe Blue Angels I had not seen in 30 years and getting to know a little local history about a Edison.

This morning while reading the exhibits list in the Arts section of my Sunday paper and thinking about my visit last night, I realized that I have not been taking advantage of all this city has to offer. So I cajoled my daughter to join me in seeing as many of the exhibits as we can. So our adventure continues! I hope you will join me in visiting your local exhibits and historical homes. You never know what you will find!