How Sugar-Strict Should You Be?

Great read. It’s all about baby steps!

my sister's pantry

I recently had a conversation with a colleague about her ‘crazy’ sister-in-law who won’t let her kids (or the visiting kids) have a soda.  My colleague thought this was a little over the top and that there was nothing wrong with having a soda now and then.  While I confess that I have on occasion let my son have a soda, usually at a birthday party or other celebration hosted by others, I did have an answer for her and came to the defense of the unseen crazy sister-in-law (takes one to know one, right?).

The Sister-in-law’s defense your honor is a matter of the bar.  Not the legal bar exam to become a lawyer, but the bar which is a standard or expectation to which we, or the foods we put in our mouths, all must rise.  When someone raises the bar then they are increasing the expectations.



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Celebrating Derby and Supporting a Little Bit of Local History

I love Derby! It was my favorite time of year – the parties, the horses, the Mint Juleps, the hats!! The hats were my favorite part. Every year I got a new hat and maybe a new outfit to go with the hat. I love hats!!!

However, a few years ago things changed as they do and I stopped celebrating. This year I took back control and when a friend posted about a Thunder Over Louisville event to kick off the Derby season I immediately signed up!! The fact the event benefited a local historical property peaked my interest also. I even wrangled some of my family members to join me.

I’m not sure how long the Thomas Edison House  has held these Thunder parties, but we had a very good time. There was food, good conversation, a plane show and, of course, the BEST fireworks show ever! I also enjoyed catching up with a friendThe Blue Angels I had not seen in 30 years and getting to know a little local history about a Edison.

This morning while reading the exhibits list in the Arts section of my Sunday paper and thinking about my visit last night, I realized that I have not been taking advantage of all this city has to offer. So I cajoled my daughter to join me in seeing as many of the exhibits as we can. So our adventure continues! I hope you will join me in visiting your local exhibits and historical homes. You never know what you will find!


One Roast – Three Meals! More Adventures in Clay Pot Cooking.

Clay Pot Roast   I’m making a bigger effort to use my clay pot and to make meals that I can transform into other meals during the week. I don’t mind leftovers, but I do get bored with them fast. This experiment is helping me to have one main meat and make multiple different meals. No boredom there!

This week I purchased the biggest piece of beef I could find at the Fresh Market. For the life of me, I do not remember the name of it now.   Since I did chicken last week, I wanted beef this week. Not sure about next week yet!

I soaked the top of the clay pot in water. In the bottom, I placed cut up sweet potatoes, onions, garlic, carrots and celery. I seasoned them with various things including red wine vinegar. On top of these vegetables, I placed the meat that I also seasoned. Put on the top, placed in a cold oven and turned the oven to 400 degrees. After an hour, I took off the top and cooked a little more. One thing I love about the clay pot is that one doesn’t have to add a lot of liquid and yet, the result has lots of liquid that can be used for gravy or other recipes.

I will admit that I am learning all over how to use my clay pot as I haven’t used it in forever and I now use a gas stove. From now on I will either lower the cooking temperature or shorten the time.

The next day I made wraps with a homemade with Greek yogurt, a teaspoon or so of sour cream, garlic and other spices. I pIMG_20140331_194311_411 editut this concoction in the blender to make it smooth and then I drizzled it over the wrap before rolling the tortilla.

The third day was possibly the best!!! I had a hash in mind. I have never made a hash before so didn’t know quite what I was doing. Oh, but the flavor was wonderful! I cubed the rest of the meat, potatoes, carrots and sliced mushrooms. I sautéed the potatoes to not quite done, added everything else, including the liquid I had kept from the original cooking. To this I added Dashida, a little water and more spices. I let this cook until heated through (30 minutes?). The only thing missing was cornbread!

Finished product!



What is your favorite dish for multiple meals?


DIY Blueprint Juice Cleanse

Can’t wait to try this!

DIY Blueprint CleanseAfter a particularly indulgent weekend away, I needed something to give my system a reboot and get me back on track and so I wanted to try a juice cleanse. I didn’t want to do anything too crazy and after looking through a bunch, it seemed this one is the best. You replace your meals with six juices and it lasts three days. I didn’t have $250 laying around to spend on juice so I decided to replicate the Blueprint juices myself. After looking up the Blueprint ingredients and going through some DIY versions online, I knew frommy juicing experience what to tweak and came up with my own recipes! All in all, it cost me about $60 {plus $10 for the ball jars to store the juices in} for all of the ingredients, a far cry from the cost of ordering the real thing! Most of the juices…

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