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Getting Back to the Basics


In the last year or two I have tried to get into more of a clean eating habit.  While I got amazingly off track, I did stick with a habit or too.  I have all but eliminated high fructose corn syrup from our diet with a few exceptions.  Those exceptions are as treats though and not daily foods.  I have turned more to locally grown or produced food sources like the farmer’s market and my own backyard.  I have also taken to trying to eat seasonally – what would have been available at specific times of the year when I was child.

The eating seasonally is the hardest to do because I do not really remember what was naturally available at what time of the year anymore.  So I went off track – way, way, way off track.  Processed food is much easier to cook and serve after all.  Pop it in the microwave and *poof* you have supper!   But with warm weather hear again, I am starting to bring back the good-for-you, good tasting foods.

One thing that has helped is a free online course from Standford regarding children and nutrition that I am taking.  It has made me get back to the basics of eating.  This has benefited my family because it has gotten me into the kitchen again.  We now start the day with a healthy, home-made breakfast that is just as fast as stopping by the corner store to buy something processed with 26 ingredients!

It is so easy to get overwhelmed with our food choices and trying to figure out a menu and what to serve that we forget about the important part.  That part is the family togetherness.  Food used to be a social thing, now it has become a hit or miss thing for my family.  The course I am taking is helping me to bring it back to a family thing again.  Instead of concentrating on diverse menus and intricate planning, I am just picking up simple foods and cooking again.  Wholesome, nutritious and most of all, good tasting foods using simple ingredients.

What are you doing to stay on track – or get back on track if need be?  What are your tips for staying focused without getting overwhelmed?

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What to drink instead of soft drinks?

I want to be honest with you right up front  – I will, on occasion, have a soft drink. It is a very rare occasion to be sure, but it happens. I had one the other day to celebrate the end of our formal classroom education before we head out to fieldwork. A colleague and I were chatting about nutrition and the reports that drinking a soda a day could add 15 pounds of weight to a person a year. He asked me what he could substitute besides just water and tea.  He asked about sweet tea.

Those two questions got me to thinking. Sometimes I get tired of plain water too. I often add lemon to my water. I know another colleague that adds cucumbers or strawberries. I drink coconut water and a drink pots and pots of tea – green tea, herbal tea and the like. But sometimes I want something more, and so I thought I would turn to the blogosphere and see what other people drink besides water.

In response to his question about sweet tea, I told him that if he wanted to sweeten his tea to use either local honey or agave. My thinking is that at least these types of sweeteners are possibly a little healthier than plain table sugar and fake sugar. I abhor all fake sugars. It is my personal opinion fake sugars are like poison, but that is from my personal experience. YMMV.

So I am interested in hearing what you have to say. What do you drink besides water? Do you flavor your water? How? I would love to have your comments and tips.

Till next time~