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Celebrating Derby and Supporting a Little Bit of Local History

I love Derby! It was my favorite time of year – the parties, the horses, the Mint Juleps, the hats!! The hats were my favorite part. Every year I got a new hat and maybe a new outfit to go with the hat. I love hats!!!

However, a few years ago things changed as they do and I stopped celebrating. This year I took back control and when a friend posted about a Thunder Over Louisville event to kick off the Derby season I immediately signed up!! The fact the event benefited a local historical property peaked my interest also. I even wrangled some of my family members to join me.

I’m not sure how long the Thomas Edison House  has held these Thunder parties, but we had a very good time. There was food, good conversation, a plane show and, of course, the BEST fireworks show ever! I also enjoyed catching up with a friendThe Blue Angels I had not seen in 30 years and getting to know a little local history about a Edison.

This morning while reading the exhibits list in the Arts section of my Sunday paper and thinking about my visit last night, I realized that I have not been taking advantage of all this city has to offer. So I cajoled my daughter to join me in seeing as many of the exhibits as we can. So our adventure continues! I hope you will join me in visiting your local exhibits and historical homes. You never know what you will find!


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Each Day

Today I am getting ready to go on an interview.   As I was checking my email I found a song I have not listened to in quite a while.  After I played it I realized that it set the tone of the day.  I feel much more energized and positive – ready to take on the world!!!   It is a beautiful sunny day here and there is nothing I cannot accomplish with a little hard work.  I want to share the song with you in hopes that you can take away a little more hope or positive feelings for your life and your dreams.

A Little Background First

    For 12 years I was a real estate agent and for most of those years I belonged to an awesome group of people from around the nation and Canada headed by our fearless leader and chief Floyd Wickman.  He has working for him a great group of people to help agents get motivated, stay focused and be successful – and not just in real estate, but also in life.  As Floyd is fond of saying:  People don’t care what you know until they know how much you care.  (Sorry Floyd I’m sure that I didn’t get that quite word for word correct!)  But the point is – that Floyd and his trainers cared.  They touched my life in ways that are still helping me be successful today even though I am no longer with them and in a totally different field of work.

The Song

     So one year, Mike Pallin, who works with Floyd and is an accomplished musician, surprised us with this song called “Each Day.”  It was taken from a pledge that we say about how we were going to succeed.   The song was immediately uplifting and made us all even more energized.  We carried the song with us back to our homes and our businesses.  That was many years ago.  I have had this song on my computer since then, but haven’t played it in the last couple of years or so.  When I played it today I cannot fully describe how it made me feel other than to tell you that I stood a little taller, felt a little lighter and wanted to run out and help others accomplish their dreams.  So I take this with me on my interview today and maybe it will come across that I am the person that can help their clients do just that.  Of course, I’m not going over to just let them interview me.  I’m going to interview them to and see if I even want to work there.  And if I want to work there, then I’ll take it!  Floyd taught me that too!

Even if you are not in sales, I think you can be a master at what you do.  I think this song transcends industries.  Today, and in the days ahead, I will take the steps that lead me closer to my goals.  Anything that happens, happens in my best interest.

Thanks Mike for the song.  And thanks Floyd and Mary Johnson (my trainer), along with Mike and the rest of the gang, for giving me the foundation from which to build my future.

Peace and have a blessed day.