What to do with all of those greens? Try these ideas…

Reblogging this because I love greens!!! Always looking for tips and tricks. Enjoy!

This week, my CSA (Lazy Eight Stock Farm) sharehad lots of greens. First rule for keeping greens fresh – do notwashthem until you are ready to use them. In the meantime, store them in veggie bags in your refrigerator’scrisper drawer. They will stay fresh and crisp much longer this way. A second necessity for greens is a salad spinner. After soaking greens in water to clean them prior to using, a salad spinner is key to getting them dry and crisp again.

When it comes to using the greens, smoothies are a great option. Here are several recipes to consider:Rainbow Swiss Chard Smoothie,Swiss Chard Green Smoothie with Lime and Banana, &Swiss Chard and Oat Smoothie. Don’tfeel limited by the greens in these recipes. Switch out the chard for kale or any of the othergreens you have on hand.Using the greens as…

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