Making Makan: Baechu kimchi

Must try this. Maybe sorta! Love this post.

Feasting in the Know

Korean market scene.  Kimchi stall.Korean giant clay jar Kimchi lecture

Kimchi is one of those foods that makes people either lick their chops, or shudder in revulsion. 

I belong firmly in the former camp.

Degree of difficulty:
HIGH.  Not dangerous or technically difficult.  Just laborious and time-consuming.

Will do again?
Definitely good to have done it at least once.  But the answer is no, especially if I can find a baechu kimchi at the supermarket with a seafoody, umami flavour.

What to do with kimchi
At the end of this article, you will find a list of ways to use kimchi.  (Apart from eating it straight out of the jar, that is.)

“Hello, Ajumma!”

Napa cabbage, the main ingredient in baechu kimchi.

That was how MOTH (Man of the House) greeted me teasingly, when he stepped in sporting a Helmet Head and saw me wringing the quartered napa cabbage like a face towel.

To put things in context…

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