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Cooking With What’s on Hand

Image     I was so hungry today as I was driving home from church that I almost stopped by a fast food place to pick up something to eat.  Something stopped me.  I kept thinking about all the fat and wasted calories in fast food and how much I needed to get back to eating better again.  I also thought about my pocket book, which is very thin at the moment being a full-time student and all!

     So I told myself to make do with what I had at home.  It isn’t like my pantry is bare.  I have canned tuna, beans, sardines, tomatoes, soup and the list goes on.  I even have fresh tomatoes and cucumbers from my garden and fruit from the farmer’s market.  I decided I could make something fast, healthy and good tasting from those ingredients.  And I did!  

      I chopped up a yellow (Rose Beauty) and a red tomato (Uncle Lou’s Underground Railroad) from my garden, added a cucumber from there also.  Then I put in a can of tuna, tossed it all with dried herbs, EVOO and balsamic vinegar!  I meant to pick some fresh basil to chop up in there too, but forgot to cut it.  I enjoyed my salad with a side of cantaloupe that I got from the farmer’s market.  I’m already thinking of making it again and adding white beans and onions that I have.

Image      So my challenge to you (and me!) this week is to see how many meals you can cook from the ingredients you all ready have at home.  I will still be going to the farmer’s market for fresh produce, but instead of stopping at the local fast food joint or buying something at the grocery, I’m going to look in my cabinets and see what I have on hand to add to my produce and make most of my meals this week.

      Eating nutritiously doesn’t have to break the bank or take all day to cook.  I am guilty of letting my food go to waste more often than I like to admit or buying something fast and processed to microwave instead of utilizing what I have.   Let me know what you make this week and I’ll check back in with you on my success!

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