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Sometimes Good IS Good Enough!

     So I haven’t posted in a while.  For one thing, I’m in school and the work load is grueling!  The main reason though is that I couldn’t figure out what to write.  I have made a few dishes, but nothing exciting that I wanted to share.  Then I figured out what the problem was when the other day I made a salad that I had wanted to make for a while now.  I was actually craving tuna and white beans.  I don’t know why so don’t ask! 

     I picked up some fresh asparagus at the farmers’ market down the street.  After grilling some, I still had enough left to put into another dish.  I immediately thought it would be good in my tuna salad.  So I lightly steamed my asparagus.  Opened a can of white beans, rinsed them and added two cans of tuna.  I mixed all of this with some spices, olive oil and red wine vinegar. 

     The result was okay – nothing to write home about though.  Where had I gone wrong?  I agonized over this for about a day or so.  Got on the internet and googled the ingredients.  Read other people’s reviews of other people’s recipes.  Nothing clicked.  The next day I came home for lunch and had some more.  Still good, but no secret ingredient wow moment. 

      This morning I got up and went to the farmers’ market.  Bought some lettuce, strawberries and other wonderful things.  When I got back home I used the lettuce and made a salad with the left over tuna mix.  As I was prepping the salad I realized that I really liked the tuna I made even though it wasn’t an eye-popping, soul reviving taste creation.  It was good!  Immediately I realized that was the problem.  Everything I make has to live up to the standard of melt in your mouth, oh my goodness wonderfulness.  But that is not even realistic.  How about it just has to be good?  Healthy is always a nice quality too, but good is a very acceptable result.

     So having figured this out, I went downstairs with my salad and shared it with a friend.  We both enjoyed it and some long overdue friendly conversation.

So remember  – sometimes GOOD IS GOOD ENOUGH!!