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Unfrippery Friday!

So checking in on how the goal setting is going.  Remember my long-term goal is to be using preplanned menus by 3/31/12 for at least 5 of my weekly meals.  I will eat breakfast Monday through Friday and have quick snacks on hand for daily pick-me-ups as needed. I will select one day every week or two to plan my weekly meals, make a grocery list and shop.

So to that end – my first short-term goal was to have my coupons in order and first week menu planned and grocery list written by Monday, 1/16/2012.

I didn’t quite make that goal.   However, I’m not giving upLet’s look at what I did accomplish.  I got all my coupons cut.  I did go to the grocery and pick up a few things.  I didn’t plan the week’s menu, but I did plan the breakfasts and snacks.  I thought ahead on each meal also so that I wasn’t rushing around trying to figure out what to do for supper. 

We ate much healthier this week. The highlight of the week was when I made poached tuna with spinach and tomatoes.  It turned out great and was nutritious to boot!  Even my daughter cleaned her plate!  I didn’t follow a recipe, but if you are interested I will post something!   I gave up microwave popcorn and now use air-popped with a little salt and butter (can’t totally give up the fat!).  I also keep clementines on hand for quick snacks.

So what can you take away from this post? 

If you do not immediately reach your short-term goal – DON’T GIVE UP!!!  Find your achievements.  You made progress.  I know you did.  Sometimes you have to look hard, but they are there.  Pick back up and reset.  Break your goal down even smaller.  You can do it and so can I.

So my new short-term goal is to finish my coupons, see what I have in stock and plan two meals for next week.  I’m also going to get some more healthy food to have on hand for a snack.  Have a great weekend and I will update you next week on my progress.

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