Health and Nutrition

New Year New Start

I love food – all kinds of food!

(originally written 5 January 2012)

Around the holidays, which for me start around Halloween and end sometime into the New Year – I become a food hog! I eat and eat and eat.

I have always been aware of nutrition and the part it plays in our health. As a matter of fact, I teach others about nutrition and health. So this year I decided to change things up a little. I’m keeping a log of what I eat. I am also tracking how many fruits and vegetables I eat per day along with fiber. The one thing I want to do is start planning my meals. With my and my daughter’s schedules, we often eat fast food because it is easy and – well – fast! I want to change that.

As a real estate agent, I often told my clients that what people do for a living, they usually do not do at home so well. I am a prime example. I teach others about eating & nutrition and diet & exercise, but I do not follow my own teachings. Come along with me as I begin to walk the walk and not just talk the talk. This is not a blog about denying myself what I want to eat, nor is it about a strict diet. Neither of those ideas will help reach my goals. What this blog is about is being more aware of what I eat and drink.

If you have any questions, comments or want to know about a specific topic, let me know. I am just learning, but have several experts that I can go to for help. I am pretty excited about my new career and my self-improvement project. I find that a person is more likely to stay on task with support. So I hope you will support me as I stroll along my new path and I will support you.


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